Services Provided

We participate in all steps of the supply chain in Foreign Trade

Services Provided

We participate in all steps of the supply chain in Foreign Trade

Specialized Foreign Trade Services

The Biblos Trading Co. provides expertise in legal and fiscal processes. We also provide financial intelligence in COMEX.
  • Conceptual Project Development

  • Study and improvement of sustainability of operations

  • Procurement for extensive suppliers and / or customers

  • Tactical support in the development of showcases and piloting

  • Operating post-monitoring and analysis of results of operations

  • Customs clearance and full monitoring until the delivery to the customer

  • In loco relationship with industries

  • Quality control and inspections in loco

  • Continuous revaluation of projects

We generate strategical differentiation so our customers gain an edge over the competition.

Structured Management of Import Products

Strategic Planning

Updated evaluation of client's operation, feasibility study, efficiency, cost control, and tax analysis, that enables us to develop a comprehensive action plan.

Administrative Flow

Personalized study of each client, with analysis of the products to be imported, including tax classification, verification requirements and other procedures.


Simulation costs for feasibility study of imports. Spreadsheets with clear definition of the costs involved in the operation.

Logistics Planning

Planning and logistics management from pre-shipment, international shipping, nationalization and storage to delivery to final destination..

Operational Planning

Thorough document analysis to avoid problems during the process of nationalization of products. We bring agility in the release of goods.