Our Structure

Benefit from our international reach to expand your business operation

Strategic Locations

The Biblos Trading Co. has offices strategically located to optimize our client's processes and supply chain.

Latina America

Brazil and Paraguay

  • Conceptual development
  • Legal and bureaucratic support
  • Certification support
  • Ideal tax logistics structure for the operation
  • Operational structure door to door
  • Fast access to operational information
  • Business consulting in the post sale

Biblos Trading CO. headquarters is located in São Paulo. This strategic location enable us to take advantage of our national resources and the ones of neighboring countries. This guarantees process optimization and faster response times.

We offer access to fiscal benefits of the MERCOSUR agreement for industries and assembly lines, through our assets in free trade zones on the borders of member countries.

Our headquarter is responsible for the development of products and services, legal and operational support, certifications, fiscal logistics, and all other tactical support for a healthy door to door operation.


  • Analysis of potential suppliers
  • Trading mediation
  • Chinese domestic fiscal assistance
  • Development of showcases
  • Quality control during manufacture
  • Product inspection
  • Consolidation and cargo fowarding

Our office in Shanghai is managed by a highly qualified and mobile group of individuals. With suppliers throughout all of Asia, our company is capable of running business negotiations and inspections on site at a moment's notice.

The office also works to constantly advance relations with suppliers through initiatives aimed at process improvement, enhanced material sourcing, and on-time deliveries.

This off-shore site is permanently connected with our headquarters in Brazil. Both offices work together to deliver innovative and efficient trading options to globalize our client's operations and extend their reach.

We can assist companies with and without foreign trade legal licenses.